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The first smart hospital in Switzerland: with Eliona


Together with the Children’s Hospital Zurich, we have succeeded in implementing the first smart hospital in Switzerland. The new building project designed by Herzog & de Meuron includes the in-house localisation of people and equipment with IoT sensors and the integration of this data in the hospital processes.

«Asset Tracking» use case

With this feature, all the sensor data can be retrieved on a live and historic basis to track where which piece of equipment is and for how long. Instruction manuals can also be managed centrally and assets can be grouped together.

«People Tracking» use case

It is important to know where which people are inside the hospital. In cases which relate to the pandemic in particular, accessing this information quickly is extremely important. With Eliona, people can be found, grouped together (patients, clinical staff, etc.) and evaluated without infringing the rules on data protection.

«Way Finding» use case

At a hospital with a multitude of clinical disciplines, corridors and storeys, it is often hard for visitors to find their way around. In an agile environment, departments can also change their location, making fixed signposts obsolete. With Eliona, visitors can find their way around easily, and are navigated through the building with a digital signpost. Warnings and current information can also be published via the visitor interface.

«Datenanalyse» use case

An infrastructure only becomes smart when the collected data is processed for the specific purposes of analysis. The Eliona Smart Building Assistant doesn’t just track and control, it also analyses. Rule-based or manually, specific measures are derived from this information with the use of AI algorithms. At the children’s hospital, this means: movements of people and equipment in the hospital are analysed for problem or optimisation factors.

This means it is possible to find out how many hospital beds are occupied, for how long and where, to justify a new acquisition or to evaluate possible savings, for example.