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Asset & People Tracking

Monitoring and managing logistics processes

Icon Feature Challenge

Broadly-based infrastructures and areas pose considerable challenges to logistics processes. Assets – such as medical equipment, patient beds or other technical material in a hospital – are not available where they are needed. Or they are in a non-functional state because of uncoordinated maintenance. The availability and useful life of individual assets is also unknown, which makes it impossible for the management team to determine the economic feasibility.

Icon Feature Solution approach

Tags are able to locate material or people easily via beacons and gateways (BLE) or anchors (UWB). In combination with the features offered by Eliona such as Maps, Notification and Dashboard, internal logistics processes can therefore be completely rethought, as the information about “what” is “where” and for “how long” is available.

Icon Feature Added value

The rapid identification and localisation of objects within a building ensures a 100% availability. Maintenance intervals and associated documents can also be stored digitally for each asset. These allow for the optimum use of equipment and facilities and extend their service life.

Example of a hospital: A considerable share of the costs in care facilities is caused by the purchasing of replacement equipment and unnecessary extra work by the care staff.

With Eliona, targeted asset tracking is able to reduce equipment maintenance and staff costs and to increase the quality of the patient services. Reducing the staff workload for operational processes also allows for more comprehensive care services.

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