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Photo-realistic digital twin

No money for a photo? Take a photo!

Icon Feature Challenge

Conventional pictorial or data schematic diagrams are difficult for unqualified staff to read. Troubleshooting can therefore rapidly become expensive and complicated. Moreover, the technical documentation of a system without a central storage facility is not always up to date.

Icon Feature Proposed solution

With a photo-realistic digital twin, you can find yourself standing before the system virtually in just one click. With the use of linked assets, you can monitor the operational status, read out measured values (sensors or IoT devices) and access the system directly. The technical documentation is stored centrally in a cloud.

Icon Feature Added value

Through the simple visualisation of technical processes, unqualified personnel are able to monitor one or more systems on a decentralised basis. The management outlay is also reduced by the simplified process of troubleshooting. The documentation is also consistently up to date and can be accessed at any time.

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