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Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

Increasing worker productivity

Icon Feature Challenge

Comfort at the workplace is directly related to team productivity. A bundled monitoring and targeted data collection of the thermal conditions, lighting, acoustics and ventilation is not possible on the basis of conventional building automation.

Icon Feature Solution approach

Eliona allows for the summarised, photo-realistic display of the IEQ values. The quality of the indoor climate is influenced by the following values:

  • Thermal conditions (temperature and air humidity)

  • Lighting (amount, type and colour)

  • Acoustics (noise and volume)

  • Ventilation (air content and quality)

The overall IEQ is influenced and optimised by maintaining these parameters in a standardised and rule-based way.

Icon Feature Added value

An improved IEQ has a significant impact on the well-being, health and work performance of the team. The optional possibility of having the individual IEQ values controlled by the users with the use of AR, for example, enables individual climate zones to be created in a room. Data can also be collected and evaluated, and trends can be identified.

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