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Smart Parking

Efficient parking management and usability

Icon Feature Challenge

At businesses that have several parking spaces, unnecessary searches for parking spaces occur during busy periods and a corresponding loss of time. Added to this is the excessive environmental pollution caused by drivers looking for a parking space.

Icon Feature Solution approach

Sensors record the occupancy of parking spaces via light-, magnetic-, infrared- or ultrasonic detectors. The data are sent to a cloud via LPWAN and a gateway. The information is then mapped in graphic for in Eliona for drivers looking for a parking space. Parking spaces can optionally be reserved or blocked.

Icon Feature Added value

In addition to the significant reduction in drivers searching for parking of 40%, studies have also shown an actual time saving of 32% in terms of the total time spent searching for a parking space. The parking data and idle times of the company’s vehicle fleet can also be gathered reliably for the purposes of optimisation and analysis. As a plus: Drivers who are not permitted to use the parking or who have parked wrongly can be quickly identified.

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